You want to be balanced and the best YOU  you can be.
You like crystals, cards, and what you hear about energy healing.
But all those properties and techniques are overwhelming! 
  • Which crystal do I use? 
  • How do I get grounded?
  • How can I quiet my monkey mind so I can meditate?

I understand and I’d like to help.

I’m on a mission to take the overwhelm and confusion out of working with crystals, energy healing, and picking the right energetic tool to do the job.

A Little Bit of How I Got Here

I have always been drawn to the healing energy flowing through the natural world, through the mountains and lakes I would visit. I felt connected to these energies most strongly in the crystals and energetic stones that would come across my path. These early experiences sparked an interest in alternative spiritual and energy systems which expanded into Reiki and other healing approaches.

I began to take a more active involvement in the Reiki community, attending events, learning more and connecting with others. It was around this time that my mother was battling cancer, and eventually needed hospice care. I felt so helpless...I wanted to be able to comfort her more, to lighten her heart. I committed myself to mastering Reiki, to be able to share its comfort with everyone.

Today as a trained Reiki Master Teacher and certified Crystal Practitioner I share the transformative power of Reiki that I have experienced with others. In conjunction with the healing vibrational energies of crystals I find joy in helping others in their search for balance, comfort, and a lightening of the heart.

In addition to offering crystals, energy healing sessions, and tools through my website; I also teach about Reiki, Crystal Healing, and other energy healing topics. Contact me to discuss classes!

"I bought some stones from Amanda for my jewelry making business, having seen them in photos only. When they were delivered to me, the delivery was fast, and the stones turned out to be even more beautiful then the photos actually showed. She is knowledgeable, professional, and I would commend her to anyone looking to buy unique and unusual products."  -Lee Lavallee-Cothran