What Is Energy Healing?

Crystals Reiki

Energy Healing is a term that covers many different styles, modalities, and techniques, but in general energy healing interacts with the subtle energy systems of the person to help balance and rejuvenate their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Everything is energy and science is just now discovering some of the really peculiar things that happen at the quantum scale. Working directly with the energy systems can yield some amazingly positive results!

Reiki is one form of energy healing that has become quite popular. During a Reiki session the practitioner taps into universal energy and transfers it to the recipient by holding hands lightly on or over the recipients' body. It aids in relaxation, reduction of stress, and overall wellbeing.

Crystal Healing is another form of energy healing and compliments Reiki very well. During a crystal healing session the practitioner places crystals on and around the recipient's body to allow the crystals to interact with the recipient's subtle energy systems. Due to the precise geometric structure of the molecular structure of crystals they vibrate at a very precise and regular rate. This very stable vibratory rate means that they can entrain our body's energy systems and help them get back to where they should be for maximum wellbeing.

While energy healing is a wonderful modality it's not meant to replace, only complement conventional medical and psychiatric guidance, treatments, and diagnoses. Please continue to see your qualified health and psychiatric professionals.

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