Setting New Year's Resolutions and Intentions With Crystals


Happy 2020!

Most people set New Year’s intentions, resolutions, and goals…and then they usually fall by the wayside by the time February comes along. This year why not try something new and work with crystals to help keep you focused, give you some encouragement, and boost your resilience?

First, choose a crystal for your resolution. Here are some suggestions:

  • Creating healthy boundaries and minimizing negativity - Tourmaline
  • Improving self-care and self-love habits - Rose Quartz
  • Build self-confidence - Tiger’s Eye
  • Encourage abundance - Citrine
  • Improve stability and promote joy - Moss Agate
  • Boost creativity or strengthen motivation - Carnelian
  • Improve focus, increase concentration, or encourage balance - Fluorite
  • Release bad habits or destructive behaviors - Amethyst

Next, write down your resolution (intention/goal/etc). (Remember to keep you list of resolutions reasonable! Up to three is a good number to work with.) Studies have shown that the physical act of writing things down helps you to remember. Also, the most successful people not only write down their goals, but also regularly revisit and reread them. You’ll be looking at these all year, so if you are so inclined, make them visually appealing. You can use colored pencils, markers, or even stickers! If they are visually appealing then you are more likely to look back on them. 

After you write down your goal, take your selected crystal and hold it in your hands. Read aloud or think in your mind your goal. You want to create a link between the goal/resolution/intention that you wrote down and the crystal you selected for it.

This crystal will help you remember your goal as well as lend its vibration to your efforts. Carry the crystal in your pocket or someplace close to you as a reminder and a booster to your goal.

Crystal Grids can also be a good way to help work on a goal. If you are interested in learning all about how to work with crystal grids, be sure to keep an eye out for a new online class I’ll be adding in the new year!

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