Self Love

Self Love Amanda McElhaney

It’s currently February and all around are reminders of Valentine’s Day, Romance, and Love and while telling your spouse, partner, and loved ones that you love them and how much they mean to you is important there’s generally someone missing in all the hype…YOU. Self Love is important and affects how you see not only yourself, but how you interact with others and how you react to situations that come up in life.

What is Self Love?

It is the appreciation of yourself and acting in ways that support growth of your mind, body, and spirit. You don’t need to fool yourself into thinking you have no weaknesses, but rather be able to act with compassion towards yourself.

How to grow your Self Love?

✶ Be mindful and pay attention to what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. What does your inner voice say when you…look in the mirror, when you rest, when someone is mean to you? Mind your self talk and release self deprecating thoughts. If you find your inner voice saying something negative to yourself, then tell it “no!” and say something supportive. Taking up a meditation practice, even for a short time every day, can help keep you centered and aware. Finger labyrinths can also be helpful if you find it difficult to quiet your mind. 

✶ Practice self care by doing things that help your mind, body, and spirit. Some examples could be connecting with people (who aren’t toxic!), get enough sleep, eat well, move your body in healthy ways, reading and learning, and doing things to connect to the divine. Be sure you take the time to do things you enjoy.

✶ Set some boundaries and don’t agree to do things that exhaust you mentally, physically, or spiritually. Live intentionally and with purpose.

✶ Remember to act with compassion for yourself. We all make mistakes and it’s part of being human. Learn and grow from your mistakes rather than beating yourself up about them. Also, no comparisons! We are all on our own path and generally you aren’t seeing the whole picture when people post stuff online.

✶ Affirmations can help change your beliefs about yourself. Use one or a couple and say them (out loud is best) in the morning and before bed. You can write them on a sticky note and put them on the bathroom mirror or somewhere you will see them so you remember to say them. Here are some examples:

“I am worthy of Love.”

“I can overcome challenges I face in life.”

“I am worthy of compassion.”

“I honor my body and it deserves Love and respect.”

“My worth isn’t defined by how people see me.”

“I am beautiful inside and out.”

✶ Working through energetic blocks can help. Sometimes we get stuck energetically and it makes it hard to reactive to situations in positive ways because our energy is blocked. Energy healing can help clear energetic blocks and get your energies moving again. Distance sessions for energy healing are available.

✶ Setting intentions and keeping them in our thoughts. Working with crystals wether as touchstones or in grids can help you with your intentions. Choose a crystal for a touchstone to keep with you or choose several crystals to set up in a grid. This way you can be reminded of your intentions and the crystalline energy will help you with your intention. I have a collection of crystals specifically selected for love and happiness.


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