Grounding During Chaos


When you feel all out of sorts with the world swirling around you, it's a good time to practice some grounding. There are many ways to do it from grounding crystals, earthing, to different meditations. Today I'm sharing a Tree Meditation that is calming and grounding. Stand while you're doing it if you can, sit if that's better for you. It only takes a few minutes and it can be very helpful!

Tree Meditation

Begin in a standing position with your legs comfortably shoulder width apart or sitting upright in a chair with your feet on the ground and close your eyes. Let your arms hang comfortably by your sides. Relax your neck, let your shoulders drop, relax your arms, relax your legs letting go of any tension you feel. Place your attention at the soles of your feet. Notice how your feet feel touching the ground or floor. Notice your breathing, is it fast or slow? Breathe in deep, then breathe out pushing the air all out. Again, breathe in deep all the way down, feeling your stomach push out, and breathe it all out. Breathe in deeply again down to your stomach, feeling your rib cage expand, and breathe out pushing all that air out of your lungs and out of your nose with strength.

Imagine your body as a tree. Your legs and feet, like roots, extend down through the floor, down through the building, and deep down into the ground. Down, down, down they travel into the Earth with each breath you take. You may have some thinner roots that spread out, allowing you to easily gather resources from a larger area. You may have some thicker roots to firmly support you and give you strength. Breathe for a moment in deep connection with the Earth. Feel how grounding this connection is.

Begin breathing up through those roots, drawing up energy from the Earth into your roots. With each breath, draw up an inner knowing of stability, grounding, and support. Your breath, along with this knowing, travels up through your roots, through your legs, and into the core of your body. Let your body become the trunk of your tree. With each breath in, the feeling of being connected to the Earth and being supported and grounded travels up your body even farther. With each breath out release any tensions you might have and feel completely relaxed. With your next breath, feel your tree-self reach your head an into the sky. With your breath energy comes into your roots, up through your trunk, and into the sky. There is abundant energy to nourish you. Continue to breathe. As you breathe out let any tension or stress release. 

Once you are feeling reenergized and relaxed, shift your attention to the soles of your feet. Feel the ground below you under your feet. Bring your awareness to the energy, relaxation, and connection that you now feel. Take a couple of breaths and open your eyes ready to take on the rest of your day.

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