10 Delightful Benefits of Reiki


Delightful Benefits of Reiki
You might have heard about Reiki before, it's a growing form of holistic energy healing that is becoming more mainstream. Reiki is now even being offered at over 60 hospitals across the US to accelerate the healing process and diminish pain.

Reiki promotes balance and overall well-being of the mind, body, and spirit and complements other healing energy systems as well as conventional treatments. During Reiki sessions you will feel stress, tension, and anxiety melt away while your body's own natural healing abilities are bolstered. 

10 Delightful Benefits of Reiki

  1. Promotes relaxation
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Encourages the body’s self-healing ability
  4. Helps relieve pain and increase mobility
  5. Strengthens immune system
  6. Reduces inflammation
  7. Reduces depression & anxiety
  8. Assists with better sleep
  9. Promotes self-confidence and self-worth
  10. Promotes balance and overall wellbeing


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